A Zero Carbon House

Nadumuttam is a concept developed by Primarch Interiors based on the designs by Mr. Ramachandran Menon, the ace Architect of the firm, M/s Menon Associates.

The Nadumuttam construction team combines authentic building materials with traditional workmanship using modern facilities giving emphasis on environment and sustainability.

Central Courtyard

Centre of attraction of 'Nadumuttam' series of houses is undoubtedly the open to sky central courtyard which gives the much-needed light and ventilation.

Ceiling and Attic

Another salient feature of 'Nadumuttam' is the woooden ceiling and attic space which reduce the heat considerably, making 'Nadumuttam' a perfect place to live in.

by Primarch Interiors

'Nadumuttam' is designed as 'Zero Carbon Zone' which is 100% serviced by solar energy.

Special Features

  • Traditional yet modern
  • Intrusion alarm
  • Cooking gas leak sensor
  • Panic buttons
  • Night lamps with sensors
  • Remotely operated lights and air conditioners
  • Level controllers for water tanks
  • Remotely operated gates
  • Door sensors

Few Elevations

Recreating Architectural Marvels of the Past

Nadumuttam concept is a timeless style that exemplifies elegance and comfort. Start your journey toward a "Zero Carbon Home".

Work in Progress @ Palakkad

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